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Reusable Bamboo Straw – Pack of 4

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REFUSE THE PLASTIC STRAW and opt for the hand-made Reusable, Biodegradable Bamboo straws instead. 100% Natural, chemical-free, odour and stain resistant, these straws can last for up to 1 year with normal use. The light-weight, chemical-free and microbe-resistant bamboo straws are ideal for children as well unlike plastic straws which leech chemicals during use. Easy to clean, they can be shaken clean with soap and water. The straw is handmade by artisans in North-East India so the product directly helps the artisans and their families.

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Bamboo Straws are an amazing alternative to plastic and paper straws, made from recycled bamboo, they are 100 % man made, reusable, easy to wash and use and they give the rustic eco friendly look we all wish to show and promote. PlasticStraws are a global nightmare, we manufacture a billion of them, Replace with Bamboo Straw and Go Eco friendly.

Product Specification

  • 100% Natural Bamboo Straw – Heat, Stain and Odor Resistant.
  • Naturally treated with neem, contains no chemicals.
  • Heat-Treated to carbonize the surface. Carbonation helps make the straw microbe-resistant.
  • Water, Dust and Fungus Repellent.
  • Ideal for Juices to Thick Shakes.

Why Should you choose Bamboo Straw

  • Durable and high quality finish with a upmarket natural look
  • Completely biodegradable under natural conditions: Born from nature, goes back to nature
  • Wash after use and keep in a dry place for a longer life of Bamboo Products
  • Packed in 100% Unbleached Cotton Pouch

Please note that since the products are hand-made there may be small variances in the pieces from the images seen – however, the products are made with utmost care keeping in mind that they will be used with food products and there are no chemical additives used in the entire production process.


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