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Coconut Shell Tea Cup | Handmade – Set of 2

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Ever wanted to go all natural on your cutlery, Coconut Cups are your way to go. Hand made from real coconuts from the gods own Kerala, hand polished with a wooden handle attached. They are not just unique, classy and cool but are 100 % Biodegradable, have 0 carbon footprints and are amazing to use.

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This coconut shell tea cup can be used to serve tea and other beverages. A nice soothing earthy aroma of shell can be experienced all time. Gift yourself and friends the goodness of nature and natural health. These attractive cups bring the beauty of simplicity to the home!!

The coconut shell is for making handicrafts. We present a collection of beautifully hand-crafted coconut shell products made by a family of artisans in south india. Once the coconut kernels are removed, the shells are cleaned thoroughly and then through a series of natural processes of hand grinding, grooving, cutting, finishing and polishing the final product is arrived. It is to be noted that No chemicals or any other coating is given to the products and the final finish are obtained through a series of hand grinding processes only.

Product Specifications 

  • Natural Finish
  • No chemical polish used
  • Eye catching
  • Natural Coconut Shell Color (Dark Brown)
  • These products will not catch mold, mildew or fungus.

Washing Instructions : Wash with cold or lukewarm water, do not soak them in water for longer time. No not use in dishwasher/microwave or oven.

Why Should you choose Coconut Shell Tea Cup

  • Handmade Novelty Product which means no 2 cups can ever be same.
  • You are not just buying a cup, you are buying a story.
  • It not only looks good but also enhances flavor.
  • It is believed to have medicinal properties as well.


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